Advertising with Radio Newquay

Radio Newquay is the home of affordable and cost effective radio advertising. In fact, your business could be on air 7 days a week, for less than a pint of beer a day.

We are the only reactive media outlet exclusively for Newquay and the surrounding villages - you can hear us on 106.1fm, online and on your Smart Speaker.

Also, we are a NOT FOR PROFIT station; we don't have massive overheads or boards of directors to pay. We are here to serve the town we love.

Radio Newquay brings you regular news updates, the latest surf forecasts, news of events & happenings around the town plus specialist programmes featuring performances from our vibrant music scene.

A whole selection of organisations, including schools, charities, groups, voluntary organisations and local businesses have access to Radio Newquay and play a part in our output.

Since we launched in September 2018 we've been a platform to help share everything that happen in our town, with responsibility and empathy - which is needed more now than ever.

Right now, we have a concentrated audience across the town and surrounding villages who are looking for open businesses just like yours. We can offer very reasonable advertising campaigns and also free business profiles on-air as well.

Not everyone is on social media - and if they are, online platforms are getting so congested with posts that it's harder than ever to get your message across. Radio allows you to cut through the noise.

Find out more - get in touch with the team on or call us on 01637 806111 (Option 2).

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Who listens?

Anecdotally, our listeners come from a wide demographic with one thing in common - their love for the town. They will hear your message as they go about their daily lives at home, at work and in the car.

Also, visitors who choose our home as their holiday destination each year will hear your message as they enjoy a well earned break.

Our online listening statistics show that although the majority of our listeners are based in Newquay, we also have a sizeable audience across the country - people who are ex-pats as well as those who want to re-live, or are looking forward to their next holiday.


The statistics

Since we launched in September 2018, we've seen a significant growth in listeners.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ascertain the number of people who choose to listen to Radio Newquay on FM. This is researched by a survey called RAJAR, which is used by commercial and BBC stations. To be a part of RAJAR would be commercially-unviable (many thousands of pounds every month). So we can only quote figures from our online listening.

Average number of connections to our online stream every month: 56,000

Each connection listens for an average of 90 minutes

We have 10,000 followers on Facebook, where we regularly post local content. This see an average reach of 100,000 people per week.

(Stats: 2nd June 2023 - Average figures are across a twelve month rolling period)


What do our advertisers say?

"FreshPoint has advertised with Radio Newquay from their launch and I didn’t hesitate to renew our annual contract.

"Mark and his team have taken time to meet with us and they understand the advertising needs of each of our brands. They have scripted and created a variety of adverts to reflect the seasonality and changes FreshPoint have undergone in the past 15 months.

"The first advert aired by the station was for Newquay Fruit Sales Local and The Cornwall Hamper Company worked with the station last Christmas and again this year with their competition as well as the Cream Tea competition in the summer. 

"We have recently signed up to a series of Live Read Campaigns which allow us to get timely messages, such as Plastic Free Milk, out to listeners."

Rachel Craze, Director, FreshPoint.


"At first we were reluctant to take radio advertising with Radio Newquay as our usual social media program has always offered fair results - however we went with it and it was a fantastic decision.

"Our 2019 from 2018 season (since advertising) has seen a raise in turnover of 16% and we’ve noted at least one table a night who came in to dine with us mentioned the radio advert and Radio Newquay itself.

"The process was smooth and easy, really easy and user friendly and offered far better results that the equivalent social or print advertising with immediate results."

Jos Tector, Captain Jack's Restaurant Newquay.


Would you like to find out more?

We'd love to chat - with absolutely no obligation. Radio Newquay is run by a small team of highly-experienced radio professionals who have worked successfully in commercial radio and for some of the UK's biggest brands for a collective 40 years plus.

We have the ideas and know-how to advise on the best ways to get your message in front of the right people, and giving you an excellent return on investment.

You can either give us a ring on 01637 806111, or simply fill out the form below and we'll be back in touch.


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